Primitiv Vodka

Primitiv Vodka is not just another vodka; it's authentic, sophisticated and lovingly handcrafted from organic Spelt grown in the high Cedarberg.

Our first thousand purchased bottles of Primitiv Vodka contained uniquely numbered, collectable dog tags. Be sure to hold onto these limited edition souvenirs should you own them.

There was a time when men were proud of the fine taste of their vodka.  Primitiv Vodka is a return to those fine traditions of craft distillation and great care and skill are applied to preserve subtle nuances of taste from our unique grains.  Primitiv is silky smooth with a rush of peppery spice, elusive floral and anise touches over a creamy grain base; inspiring masculine finish.

It is no coincidence that the finest sipping vodkas are made from grains grown on the high Russian steppes and in short Scandinavian summers: cold climate grain makes smooth vodka with fine flavours.   The grain we use in Primitiv is itself primitive.  Primitive Spelt was the staple grain of choice for Bronze Age man till post medieval times.  Now a relict crop, Spelt is precious.

Our Spelt is grown in the high Cedarberg, right on the snowline, on virgin land to strict holistic practices, far from madding crowds and third party contamination.  Pure Spelt.  To get to the Spelt fields climb the high passes, go past the Lord's Acre and turn left.....

Primitive Spelt gives Primitiv Vodka its unique flavour.  We will not compromise this unique quality by distilling all the flavour away.  Using a copper pot still we concentrate the flavour and alcohol with two distillations, then transfer the enriched spirit to a custom built stainless steel column and very carefully selectively reduce overly dominant congeners to create the silken smooth bespoke vodka we call Primitiv. Primitiv is a small batch pot still vodka.

You will find that the most sophisticated vodka in town is Primitiv, from the country.

Note: Primitiv is a designer sipping vodka in the tradition of the divine vodkas of the Russian steppes.  Drink it cold, very cold.  Prepare to be amazed.

Our PRIMITIV VODKA bottles will each come with a pair of sequentially numbered dog tags (one is even magnetised) - as shown above. These numbers will be part of a lucky draw and we will release more info on this in due course. Most important is you need a set of PRIMITIV Dog Tags to wear around your neck, use as a key ring, hang in your car, hook on your guitar case or even your favourite pooch ....

The Organic Spelt used to produce Primitiv Vodka is grown by Volker Miros on Groenfontein Farm in the Cederberg. Photo by Volker.

Our refurbished circa 1915 Richmond and Chandler grain mill which we found on the farm when we arrived in 2002. Roger has refurbished it and replaced the diesel motor with an electric motor. Now working a dream to make the grist from malted Spelt.

Mixing the malted spelt into hot water in the mash tun where it is soaked in order to convert the natural starch in the grain to fermentable sugars.

The sweet liquid is then placed in the tanks for fermentation into crude beer which takes about three days after which we go to distillation - twice in copper and twice with the stainless column.

Our Primitiv People - PRIM and TIV!

Jorgensen's Distillery is a founder member of VOC, the Voluntary Organic Commitment.

Price: R250.00 per 750 ml bottle, R30.00 per 50 ml.
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