The Incidental Tourist

The Incidental Tourist is where Dawn shares, writes and shows photographs from her much loved travels.

The Incidental Tourist offers a retrospective look at journeys, experiences and discoveries that Dawn has happened upon as an eternal traveller, avid photographer and passionate conservationist. Cape Town and surrounds are home, but reviews and photographs of Dawn's travels in Argentina, Uruguay, Benin, Bali, Israel, Usa, Uk, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania and my beloved Southern Africa will appear. Here she shares and writes and shows the photographs that she much loves taking ....

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Dawn at Mbuesehube, Botswana

Primitiv Vodka Savingnac Potstill Brandy Jorgensen's Gin Field of Dreams Absinthe

Limoncello, Naked Naartjie, and Naked Bay Liqueur

The Incidental Tourist