Jorgensen's Gin

Jorgensen’s Gin is a journey through extraoprdinary African aromatic botanicals. South African grown Juniper and peppery Grains of Paradise from Wild West Africa.

Spicy juniper, harvested in Paarl from SA's only juniper plantation, are the cornerstone of Jorgensen's Gin.  Earth notes come from angelica root, orris root, calamus root, rare african wild ginger, coriander, liquorice root and bitter apricot kernels.  Ethereal top notes come from delicate touches of naartjie and Cape lemon peels, buchu, Grains of Paradise, rose geranium and perfumed Ohandua from Kaokoveld.  No cucumber.

This exception-to-the-rule gin is hand crafted in tiny batches in a copper pot still.  The botanicals for each batch are suspended in the still above the purest wine spirit to bathe in its vapours.  This gentle bathing gives our gin delicacy and finesse appreciated by almost nobody as we only make small amounts for one-in-a-million individuals.

Enjoy Jorgensen’s Gin in the classic Gin 'n French cocktail using Noilly Prat, Dolin or Lillet vermouth, with or without that green olive.  The dryness of these speciality vermouths make them first choice for connoisseurs. Get your barman to stock them (and Jorgensen's Gin!).  Alternatively make yourself a Jorgensen’s Dash ‘n Splash: make it a double with a dash of bitters and a splash of tonic.

Note:  Jorgensen’s Gin uses only the finest genuine exotic aromatics and adheres to time honoured traditional, small batch distillation techniques.  Do not be seen with a bottle of Jorgensen's Gin if you need to be part of the herd.

Note note: Grains of Paradise (afromomum melegueta) are grown for us in Ghana as part of a community upliftment project under the direction of ASNAPP.  Look at to learn about sustainable agribusiness with natural plant products.  Way to go.

Note note note: Exotic, perfumed Ohandua (Zanthoxylum ovatifoliolatum) is harvested by Himbas from the rare Kaoko knobwood in remote reaches of Kaokoveld.  Himba women hand grind Ohandua and blend it with butter fat and red ochre to protect their beautiful skin.

Juniper Berries from Macedonia provide the dominant Flavour in Jorgensen's Gin.

Citrus zest from six kinds of ctirus, including our native naartjie, and cumquats. Smells like summer ....

Jorgensen’s Distillery is a founder member of VOC, the Voluntary Organic Commitment.

Price: Jorgensen's Gin @ R350.00 per bottle or R30.00 per 50 ml.
Product ID/SKU: JDGin

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