A FewWords About Us

  • Career farmer, winemaker and Savingnac Potstill Brandy creator, Roger Jorgensen, turned his hand to distillation in 1994.

    More than a decade of experience and valuable time with Cognac mentors Robert Leaute of Remy Martin and Buks Venter of KWV lead to ever increasing specialisation in the art of transforming wild young wines into perfect amber Savingnac. Roger soon realised that this is where his passion and interest lies and now concentrates only on the distillation of his finely handcrafted spirits, which include Jorgensen’s Distillery’s well established Savingnac Potstill Brandy, the Primitiv Vodka, Field of Dreams Absinthe and the very special Jorgensen’s Gin.

    Busy by nature and an adventurer of note, Roger is always planning the next road trip or project and will never allow any dullness to enter his rather colourful, passionate and exciting existence.

    Roger and Dawn live on their tiny historic family farm, Versailles, in the heart of Wellington, with their five wonderful children Jess Lexi Lemor Joel and Eden in and out, and numerous animals. From here they create and share their finely handcrafted spirits, remain truly inspired by life and love and continue to hone the skills learnt through personal endeavour, hard work and passion.

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  • Dawn Jorgensen has a background in hospitality and tourism and founded and established the successful tour operating business Africa Awaits Tours and Safaris which specialises in the creation of exclusive self-drive itineraries, guided tours and fly-in safaris for the bespoke visitor to Southern Africa.

    After a much treasured decade of fun and travel with Africa Awaits Tours and Safaris, Dawn has relinquished most AA responsibilty and is turning her focus to the marketing of Jorgensen’s Distillery products and the development of The Incidental Tourist, a travel and photography blog that allows her to share the many accumulated memories, anecdotes and travel experiences she is always happening upon.  Well worth a read!

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    All photos on the website are taken by Dawn unless otherwise stated.


This is the era of artisan producers and Jorgensen's Distillery is proud to be flying the Spirits flag!

After focussing on Savingnac Potstill brandy since 1994, Roger has expanded the family distillation business into something much more substantial and exciting with the addition of Primitiv Vodka, Field of Dreams Absinthe, Naked Lemon Limoncello, Naked Lime Liqueur and mostly recently the fabulous Jorgensen's Gin. All this since August 2010.

But the Still Man never rests and he now talks of producing a truly unique South African Vodka from PINOTAGE wine and in the Pipeline: Saxon Single Malt, The Sassenach Spelt Whiskey and divine sipping Rhum Agricole. We even have all that is required to produce an Argave Spirit!

Great things await us, and we're hard at work every day making sure that you will be rewarded with something fabulous and thank you much for your support and interest.